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About Meek Publishing

Meek Publishing is committed to producing literature through books, audio books, e-books, and other mediums to assist families in improving their lives. As a part of this commitment we are proud to publish the most vital title ever produced in the field of drug abuse and alcohol abuse, Beyond the Yellow Brick Road by Bob Meehan. Not only is this classic available as a book it is now also available as an audio book and an e-book. We also publish Bumper Stickers by Bob Meehan which provides a fresh perspective on the over used term; self help. Bumper Stickers is currently available as a book and will soon be produced as an audio book and an e-book.

Meek Publishing is always seeking titles that fit our philosophy of family healing. As a part of this mission we will continue to produce books, audio books, and e-books, and other materials that provide people with tools for self-help and other means of self-improvement. We currently offer a weekly e-mail called Weekly Perspectives that gives a reminder of what is truly important.

Meek Publishing also believes that it is important to help connect people with resources that are available within their communities. Whether a family is struggling with alcohol abuse, drug abuse, or is seeking drug and alcohol treatment centers we are committed to providing links to programs that share a similar philosophy. As we continue to grow we will remain committed to all of these goals.

If you have not had the opportunity to read Beyond the Yellow Brick Road or Bumper Stickers, we invite you to read the first chapter of these books.