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In the field of addiction and drug treatment there are many sources of information. From books and audio books to self-help groups and spirituality centers there are a wide range of options for people seeking answers about addiction. We are proud to publish Beyond the Yellow Brick Road and Bumper Stickers by Bob Meehan because there are no books that describe substance abuse or alcohol abuse more effectively while also providing real solutions for healing. Here are some of the accolades regarding Bob Meehan:

I have encountered only two people in my life who have the kind of charisma Bob does: Frank Sinatra and John F. Kennedy.... With no pressure, without the slightest hint of coercion, Bob Meehan gets young people to stop taking drugs.

The book does two important things; first, it creates a sense of urgency. We have a very serious drug epidemic among our youth, yet people seem content to ignore it. Bob Meehan, speaking in the powerful voice of experience, explains the gravity of the problem, and tells us precisely why drugs are so dangerous. Second, this book offers solutions. I have read many books about drugs in the past few years, but I always put them down thinking, “Fine, but what can parents do when their children take drugs? “When I finished Beyond the Yellow Brick Road, I had answers. And so will you.

I firmly believe this book will make a significant difference in a lot of people's lives.
-- From The Introduction By Tim Conway

Every loving parent must read this book! If you have a child on drugs or you wish to prevent future disaster, this powerful classic can help you save your kid's life.
-- Og Mandino, Author, The Greatest Salesman in the World

No one else I have ever met possesses Bob Meehan’s understanding of adolescent drug abuse and how teenagers think and feel. This book lovingly explains that knowledge. Having a teenager using drugs and alcohol is one of the most difficult and heart-wrenching problems a parent can experience. This book offers understanding, support, and guidance.

-- Steven L. Jaffe, Professor of Psychiatry, Emory University School of Medicine